• Creative

    A Commitment to Creativity

    What does "creative" mean to us? It means we don't settle for standard issue.

    For us, creative concepts:
             Catch your attention
             Enhance a message
             Inspire action
             Leave a favorable impression

    Our creative approach helps make our clinical content more accessible, more relevant – and therefore more valuable.

  • Healthcare

    A Commitment to Clients


    Our relationships with clients are top priority, and our personalized, flexible approach means each request is managed individually, with ideas and strategies tailored to a unique concept and budget. No detail is too small and every detail makes a difference. 


    With the support of our vast network of industry opinion leaders, writers, editors, designers, web developers, animators, and more, the result is flawless execution of stand-out medical and healthcare initiatives.  

  • Communications

    A Commitment to Excellence


    In the complex field of healthcare, new developments are unfolding every day. That's why we believe in presenting scientific evidence in a balanced, clear, and concise manner.


    With a start-to-finish and steadfast focus on each project, JA excels in balancing conventional hard work with creative approaches that achieve results.


    What can we do together?


    Strategic Partnerships

    Medical Education Strategy and Messaging, Thought Leader Engagement


    Content Development & Project Management

    E-learning Modules, Webinars, Video Series, Education and Training Portals, White Papers, Clinical Content, Reports, Abstracts, Scientific Posters, Manuscripts, Website and App Development


    Custom Meetings

    Advisory Boards, Investigator Meetings, Symposia, Roundtable Discussions, Live and Virtual Meetings


  • 1

JA let the science and medicine talk for the product rather than hype it. They won't push something that is not scientifically valid and that makes them superior to other firms.

Client Interview
Babson College Business Case Study

I would like to thank you all so much for the incredible partnership that
we have established. I truly feel that
you are not outside vendors at all,
but part of the complex network of the [client] family. Thank you so much for your commitment to our mission and the ultimate goals
of our company; again, above and beyond the agency call of duty.

Client, Chief Executive Officer
Brand and Marketing Initiatives