JA was founded in 1999 in a small loft in Boston’s Fort Point neighborhood. We’re an independent agency, not part of any multinational advertising or PR corporation. Since day one, we have combined a focused, full-time staff with a wide range of expert consultants to bring the best talent to each project or event. As individuals, we are a mix of project managers and designers, creative directors and musicians, parents and authors. As a team, we share in common a commitment to building relationships with our clients to reach the best results for everyone. This is where our team’s leadership and communication skills, street smarts, and the ability to understand the unique needs of each client - in other words, our personal touch - make our work stand out from the crowd.

Caitlin Harrington |  Kelsey Hawkins  |  Anne Hitchcock  |   Heather Houston    

Mark Jespersen   |  Elizabeth Sarkar   |  Deborah Sheehan  |    Lexa Iantuono Sullivan