Stephanie Ramirez, Projects & Events Assistant

As the Administrative Assistant for the JA team, Stephanie contributes to the workflow by matching her understanding of the ideals of the team members to the needs of our clients and healthcare providers. It is a balancing act that few can carry off. Fortunately, Stephanie is a true INFP personality: an idealist who excels when serving a cause that aligns with her personal values and interests.

Stephanie graduated from Gordon College with a Bachelor's degree in Biology that focused her work in the healthcare professions. During college she served on many humanitarian projects in Central and South America where she had firsthand experience with the challenges that often stem from a lack of education and critical resources in the medical field.

Stephanie’s background in science, her interest in healthcare, and her enthusiasm for personal fitness made her a perfect fit within the JA team in Boston. When not working on daily administrative tasks, Stephanie manages local events for regional and local medical chapters. Her current niche is working on Continuing Nurse Education Programs.

“I find it rewarding,” says Stephanie, “to see a program grow into something truly worthwhile, knowing that the educational content presented will benefit so many providers and patients. I also enjoy cultivating professional relationships with the opinion leaders, specialists, speakers, and association leaders involved in our events.”  

When not in the Boston office at JA, Stephanie often unwinds by her training at the gym, kickboxing, or dancing salsa and merengue.  And like many of us at JA, she loves to cook and spend down time watching movies with her family and close friends.

     Stephanie was wonderful! She worked diligently on the logistics and had excellent communication skills. Thanks for all she did.

CNE Association Chapter Meeting Partner
Event Planning