Journeys with JA

Our shared experiences at Jespersen & Associates, our journeys if you will, have most always been good, even noble at times. No doubt some could have been better but they all have one thing in common: The work and the people we are fortunate to work with continue to challenge, reward, and surprise us.

New UI CME Program Launch

Is it weird to say that urinary incontinence is a topic near and dear to my heart? Probably. But it doesn’t make it any less true.

Perhaps it’s because I’m pregnant with my third child and frequenting bathrooms all too often. But knowing that so many women suffer from UI symptoms at some point in their lives and don’t talk to their clinicians about it makes me sad. When the opportunity arose to do a program educating clinicians about how important it is to start a conversation about UI with their patients, we at JA jumped on it. The program launched last month, and we hope clinicians take the minute or two to ask their patients about it as a result. After all, the first step toward improving a patient’s quality of life might just be to start a conversation.

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